Who We Are

Walex Agape Ventures Limitedcurrently owns and manages over four estates which include Great Gate Garden, Royal Lily Parks and Garden among others strategically situate in the heart of Lagos and Ogun States where most executives and professionals reside. Universally, Real Estate has and will always be the biggest and strongest investment any individual will have mainly because it is by far the only kind of asset which significantly appreciates in value and worth over time.

Focusing on the Abuja, Lagos and Ogun real estate market, it is evident that the current activity and the many buyers wanting to live in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun, plus the very few homes available within the areas, the value of properties in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun will continue to appreciate dramatically. We are built on two principles:
Commitment to Client Satisfaction; and
Quality Workmanship and Services.
Moreover, the company specializes in tight and aggressive management of all its properties and ensures that all its tenants are carefully screened. 

Keen on excellence to our customers, our services deliverable must be consistently of the highest quality obtainable. We ensure our customers’ needs are met and exceeded, demonstrating our professionalism and experience in all areas of our services.

These quality goals will be met by:

  • Quickly providing our client with information and/or services (internal or external).
  • Giving our clients’ requirements and expectations clear thought and consideration in order to prioritize their pleasure.
  • Make the workplace comfortable for all workers.

Mission & Vision